Friday, March 2, 2012


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On the 25th morning the children were all excited, after a dip in the swimming pool they dressed up for the party. The children wore party caps and danced to the best of Hindi tunes. What a joy to see them dance so well especially acknowledged by Mrs. Mariola Mathais and Fr. Joe. Mrs. Mathais even danced a few steps with them. There were games of passing the ball and musical chair. A great sight to see the children enjoy, cheat, run, laugh and even get sad as they were eliminated. What a consoling sight to see Ebu, Ruby, Meher at their side and make them smile. Mrs. Rehana Ebrahim had gifts for every child and saw to it that each child was a winner.
The Special birthday cake was out and all stood round it, his Parents, Grandmother, Uncle Razak & Family, Aunts, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Mathias, Ruby, Meher, the staff of their house and the special guests 16 children along with Rajan, Deepak, Khemchand, Mr.& Mrs. Agnel & Pamela and Fr. Joe. A joy to see Ebu share his birthday cake bite with all present . The children and guest were treated to a sumptuous lunch and delicious dessert all cooked by Mrs. Rehana Ebrahim. The party got more vibrant with the arrival of Meher's Parents and Grandfather.
After lunch the children were all looking sad, as they had to leave for Mumbai. But a great host that he is, Ebu diverted their mind by letting them take a dip in the swimming pool. what a perfect ending to a grand celebration.
Submitted by
Rajan Welingkar
Brett Rodricks
Edited by
Francis Fernandes