Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fr. Joe conducts Intense Yoga in Bergelingen, Germany

         Bergalingen in Germany is about 800 mt  high, it's on the Southern end of the Black Forest on the border to Switzerland, having a beautiful view of the Alpes.

         Kripa Foudation Iyengar Yoga Germany meets at Heidevur ,Bergelingen with Students from all over Europe: Switzerland, Poland and Ireland, which also included  a participant from America.
        After 18 and 16 years respectively and  being personally trained by Fr. Joe, two Kripa Family Members in Germany are now authorised to teach Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga, Silvia Maria Braucks and Waltraude Eckert, and earlier Jim Pope from Toronto who is associated with Fr. Joe for 20 years. 
        The Intensive includes portions of the forthcoming book of Fr. Joe on Iyengar Yoga for Addiction Recovery.
With gratitude for the photographs & input
Gabriele Wilde
Bergalingen, Germany