Thursday, June 7, 2012

NISD-MSJE National Level Certification Course at Kripa Foundation

Organised by the National Institute of Social Defence (NISD), a one month in-house and exposure training to other NGOs was conducted at Kripa Vasai for four participants, from 7th May to 02nd June 2012.

The Students were trained under the resource team of Kripa Institute of Training in topics like Holistic Methodologies for yoga and meditation. Other topics included Evolution of addiction, Kripa recovery model, Secondary addiction, Character defects, Sponsorship, Tips on addiction counseling, Cause and consequence of drug abuse, processes for detoxification and Deaddiction, counselling, co-morbidities of physical & psychological nature, codependency involving families, referrals, networking & linkages.

Exposure visits to other Kripa facilties, various NGOs and drug user sites were part of the syllabus.
Submitted by
Mozen H
Kripa Vasai