Saturday, June 30, 2012

International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficing Observed Nation Wide by Kripa -Section Bareilly

.A rally of about 200 children who participated in the programme was taken through the villages for about an hour, in which the Children carried placards and shouted slogans that they would never get involved in drugs and would be healthy future citizen.
The children were explained the ill-effects of drugs on each organ of the body by Dr. Amit Davis of Enlargan Hospital, a project run by the diocese of Bareilly. He also spoke of the ill-effects on the family life, society and the financial problem that is caused by drugs. He told children to be cautious about getting trapped in drug abuse and the healthy& beautiful life they could live without drug. Sister Lizzi, a social worker along with her staff took an active part in the programme. They composed and sang songs on the good work of the organization and explained the drug scene, its ill-effects and prevention by means of an interactive session.
The children were very co-operative and happy to participate by shouting slogans boldly & loudly as they passed though the villages. They promised to carry the message of the illness of addiction to there elders and neighbours in a loving and peaceful manner. The programme concluded with snacks and soft drinks and a vote of Thanks.
Submitted by
Joseph Pereira
Kripa bareilly
Mozen H