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Fr. Joe reaching out to addicts in remote villages of Mandar, Ranchi and Chainpur, Jharkand. India

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Caring for rural villagers in a countryside is one the ways in which  Fr. Joe, Kripa and  Medical Mission Sisters  are trying  to bring a healing presence to others today. One day at a time.
Begun by our Sisters in 1947, Holy Family Hospital Mandar, in the Ranchi District of northern India, was established to provide rural medical care in India. The local Adivasi people, who had never had access to health care, began to come immediately, even from miles away. A nursing school, the first Catholic one in Jharkhand, was started two years later. Fifteen of our Sisters are involved with the hospital, its community outreach programs, and the nursing school.
Today, the 100-bed hospital focuses on the basic services of general medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, and obstetrics/gynecology. Its community health programs, which have helped to educate many villagers on sanitation, nutrition, child care, and preventable diseases, continue with leadership training, immunizations, home visits, eye camps, and government-sponsored initiatives.
The hospital’s Alternative Systems of Medicine outreach includes an herbal garden and complementary therapies, and encourages a holistic approach to living, health promotion, and the prevention of illness.
The RIHAA/Kripa Substance Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Center offers preventive, promotive, and curative services. Detoxification, counseling and awareness sessions for clients, and  services for families, parishes, and schools, along with AA meetings and intensive follow-up and family support meetings.. Fr. Joe in his recent visit to the Hospital in Mandar, discussed varoius ways in revamping the center with Sr. Valeria and staff of the de addiction centre. In his quick tour Fr. Joe trained them on how they must treat the patients with the  " Whole person recovery model- in a Holistic approach". Fr, Joe later conducted a business meeting with the administrators of the de-addiction centre. Fr. Joe was also touched to meet Fr, Sylverius who was trained at Kripa Vasai in counseling and listening of  5th steps ( confessions) of people in recovery from addcition.

After a successful visit to Mandar. Fr Joe visited Sr. Angel and Sr. Anne is the remote village of Chainpur in the diocese of Gumla.Fr. Joe was greeted with a traditonal washing of  the feet and hands and draped with a traditional head. On viewing the problem of alcoholism in the area, Fr. Joe qucikly responded to the sisters and affirmed to start Kripa Chainpur to which they pledged their support. A MOU to be signed in the near future with the diocese of Gumla.

On his returned to Mumbai. Fr. Joe was asked as to how was his tour to Jharkand, he said most humbly:-  " It is a call to spread the fragrance of God, in the remote villages of our Motherland"

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