Friday, June 7, 2013

Awareness at Kasarwadi Village by Kripa Pune

The Armed Medical Forces of Pune have adopted many villages in the radius of 40 to 50 Kms; one being Kasarwadi village. On request, Kripa Pune conducted an Awareness Programme for the Villagers on 06th June 2013.
The programme was held at the local clinic and the people were explained the dangers of alcohol and other intoxicating substances. The team personally went from house to house and gave more information about the organization; its services and facilities and the importance of A.A. meetings to the residents.
The villagers were invited to visit the centre and a tentative date and venue was planned for the first Alcoholic Anonymous meeting. A Bi-monthly follow up plan was also drawn and chalked out. The villagers expressed their gratitude and repeatedly thanked the staff and Fr. Joe H. Pereira, Managing Trustee for the commendable work done by the organization.

Submitted and collage by
Mozen H