Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sherrad Wallang and Nigel Pek organises a Kripa-James Cook University Singapore Awareness Program in Coimbatore 19th May 2013

James Cook Australia, Institute of Higher Learning (also known as JCU Singapore) is fully owned by James Cook University Australia, the leading tropical research university in Australia. The university established the company in Singapore in 2003 as part it’s expressed intent of internationalising its activities and in pursuit of its vision of “Providing a Better Life for People in the Tropics”. The University offers a suite of university level programs at the JCU Singapore campus; specifically • Undergraduate programs in psychology, business, marketing, tourism, information technology, and environmental science • Post graduate programs in psychology, guidance and counseling, business, and information technology • Doctorate programs in psychology Importantly all programs offered follow the same curriculum as the Australian versions but are contextualised to the Asian environment. This ensures high quality, while at the same time maintaining a local relevance.

This year JCU organised a 5 kms run to spread the work of Kripa Foundation and awareness on Addiction and HIV/AIDS IN  Coimbatore. This major event would not have been possible without the great efforts of Sherrad Wallang  and Nigel Pek. It was very heartening to see Sherrad and Nigel share their love offerings for Kripa.

A report of the event from Sherrad and Nigel

Nigel Pek’s Experience:

The event conducted in Coimbatore was an unforgettable experience because it was a virgin trip for me in so many ways. It was my first time being in India, first time conducting an event and most of all first time helping a Non-governmental organization to spread its awareness program. As a student studying psychology in James Cook University Singapore, I felt that Kripa's chemical dependency and AIDs awareness program plays a very crucial role in educating the public. Besides educating the public, the program also reaches out to addicts and AIDs sufferers to come forth and seek help from the organization.

The experience of helping Kripa organize the event has benefited me in many ways. Through the obstacles faced during the trip I was able to learn more about my strength and weaknesses where it has allowed me to recognized these strengths and help me improve on my weaknesses. However, the most satisfying part of the trip was the sense of accomplishment after the event was done.

Sherrard Wallang:

It is very difficult to explain in words as to how this event panned out to be for us, but two young individuals given responsibility to run an awareness program in Coimbatore was a task quite hard to follow. Thanks to the funding sent from James Cook University Singapore, we as Kripa Members were given the opportunity to create a Youth Project Campaign whereby we attract people between the ages of 16-22, for a short 5km run. The Youth Project is a necessity I believe because this is the time whereby choices and decisions are made, and since they are the Future, we have to nurture them in the right manner, give them a platter of healthy choices.

We had the privilege of inviting Coimbatore’s District Collector to be our Guest of Honor, and he too took some insight in understanding the entire Kripa Foundation concept and was able to deliver his message in Tamil for the participants and spectators around. 

In a nut shell the event, although astonished with the extreme culture shock and language barriers, we did manage with extreme enthusiasm and perseverance from Nigel Pek who flew all the way from Singapore, to pull off a successful event.

JCU RUN For A Purpose is a Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign emphasizing on SAVE TREE'S. Creating an awareness to the young generation of India towards How to Reduce Plastic Bag Usage. 

We are inviting the Indian Citizen's in the age group of 16-21 years old with a challenge run of 5km. The run starts at 6.00 am in VOC Park, Coimbatore on 19th May 2013.

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