Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fr. Joe H. Pereira, Founder Managing Trustee Kripa Foundation & Class A Trustee Alcoholic Anonymous India- comments on the Jungian experience with Dr Ashok Bedi.

The tutorial on Jungian depth of understanding the twelve steps of Alcoholic Anonymous was absolutely mind-boggling. It was a beautiful presentation and teaching of Dr. Bedi who truly excelled as a Pedagogue of Psycho-spirituality. I was deeply touched and saw that all of us have so much to work on the proper understanding of the twelve steps instead of just mouthing them without knowing the spiritual insights of them all. It will take us a long time to make this material reach the   common person in the recovery programme not only in Kripa but in the fellowship which is today so unaware of this dimension and hence full of what we commonly observe as “Dry Drunks” Thank you Dr. Ashok Bedi. God bless you. “
Fr. Joe