Wednesday, June 5, 2013

KRIPA and OTIS- " WAY TO GREEN " - A tree plantation drive at Kripa Vasai on WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY

World Environment Day was celebrated in Kripa Vasai in collaboration with OTIS India. The management and staff of OTIS conducted a tree plantation drive at Kripa Foundation Vasai under the CSR programme.
The programme commenced with Kripa’ National Program Director Bosco D’Souza welcoming the delegates of OTIS on behalf of Fr. Joe H Pereira Founder Managing Trustee, who is currently in Germany doing programmes for Kripa and  introduced Mr. Anthony H Pereira of the Pereira Family that has donated the land on which Kripa Vasai stands. Instead of the traditional welcome with bouquets, the delegates were each given an indoor plant to take with them as a memento from Fr. Joe. H. Pereira.
The OTIS team was headed by Mr. K. Manivannam – Director, Mr. K Suresh- General Manager, Mr. Siddartha Krishna- Regional Head HR, Mr. K.H. Kadam – Regional Head E.H.S, and a host of OTIS Management and staff.
The Kripa film GODs GRACE was filmed, after which Mr. Anthony H Pereira (brother of Fr. Joe) spoke on the theme of this year THINK,EAT, SAVE. Mr. Pereira stressed on the need of each individual to take responsibility  to check on wastage of food, as billions of tons of food goes as wastage every year. He shared that when we love another, we love ourselves and with this change of attitude,  we could save unaccounted of wastage and safe the environment.
Mr. Siddartha Krishna of OTIS in his address appreciated the work Fr. Joe and Kripa. He was very impressed after seeing the film GODs Grace and acknowledged that Fr. Joe and Kripa was doing tremendous work in the field of addiction and HIV care. He further added that there was a need to look beyond self and help the world to be a better place. Mr. Siddhartha said that OTIS was always environment friendly and they even go to the extent of presenting a plant with every new client of an OTIS Elevator with Gen2 and their motto Way to Green. Mr. Krishna assured full support to Kripa in their help towards the marginalized.
Later the delegates along with the staff and patients of Kripa Vasai ventured into to open new plots of Kripa Vasai and commenced the tree plantation drive with the first plant being grown by Mr. K. Manivannam followed by each staff of OTIS. Mr. Anthony H Pereira and a group of patients planted trees on behalf of Fr. Joe and Kripa. The vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs. jean Pereira, Center Manger of Kripa Vasai, who assured the OTIS family that they would look after the plants with utmost care till they grow full bloom and give fruits. This was followed by refreshment served to all present. The programme concluded with the singing of the National Anthem.

 Fr. Joe H Pereira and the family of Kripa Vasai  acknowledges the help of Mr. K. H Kadam for coordinating on behalf of OTIS and Mr. Anthony Santos ( Horticulturist) for his valuable guidance and supply of the plants

. The OTIS delegates later left for another tree plantation drive at a school in Sandor village, Vasai.

Jean Periera
Kripa Vasai
photography and Collage by
Mozen H