Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Service is the only path to real sobriety: says Jungian Dr. Ashok Bedi and Fr. Joe -" A Satsang " says Dr. Shashi Menon

Knowing- Understanding-Accepting-Practicing: The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Jungian Perspective with Dr Ashok Bedi: 19 June 2013.
The ‘Satsang’ this morning with Dr Ashok Bedi and his colleagues in the USA and the Kripa Family in India, through the internet, was both revealing and inspirational. An all too common lip service to the text was converted into a deeply felt awakening to the realities of one’s common experiences and the experiences shared by many who we try to help.
Dr Bedi’s narratives and inspired descriptive would help anyone on the path to self revelation and a commonly shared goal in the desire to offer service. A daily need to recognize the experiencing, observing and practicing self in our personalities was a highlight of the session and ‘the three point’ journaling technique a very practical mechanism that could be followed by all.
I particularly appreciated the value of practicing Stillness in our lives, and from there using the horizontal planes of Love, Work, Play and Creativity to move vertically into the plane of Spirituality. From here we may learn to enjoy and appreciate the Unknown and the Higher Power’s plan for us on a daily basis.

Dr Shashi Menon
Medical Director
Kripa Foundation