Monday, May 20, 2013

AA night vigil conducted by Kripa AAl along with Sankalp AA group -Pune

Night Vigil at Kripa Pune
Kripa Pune along with Sankalp Alcoholic Anonymous group conducted a Night Vigil on 11thMay 2013. More than 300 participants comprising of A.A. Members; their families, In-house patients and Ex-patients attended the programme.
The patients and staff did an excellent job of taking care of the logistics for the programme. The programme commenced with beautiful sharing on Importance of AA and Al-Anon Meetings, Spiritual Awakening and Alcoholic Anonymous Service through which many patients could identify their own personal life experience.
Many women members present shared their difficulties experienced with their family members and the Tools of Recovery to overcome their problems. They also expressed their thanks and gratitude to Kripa for the active work done in Rehabilitation.

Submitted and collage by
Mozen H