Sunday, May 5, 2013

Awareness program by Kripa for students in Dahanu Maharashtra

Awareness Programme for Students
In accordance with repeated requests from local leaders, educational institutions and families, Kripa Dahanu conducted an Awareness Programme for Students of Schools in Bahare, Dahanu on 29th April 2013.
Due to peer pressure and poor self awareness, the youth of Bahare are falling prey to alcoholism and many have taken to secondary addiction like Tobacco and Chewing of Betel Nuts. The staff of Kripa Dahanu shared their own life experiences and the ruin and shame they had to face during their addictive days. They also spoke on the work of the organization and treatment facilities available. Many families came forward to thank the staff and offered prayers to the good work of Fr. Joe H. Pereira, to have a vision in starting Rehabilitation Centres for addicts.
Submitted by
Mozen H
Kripa Vasai