Friday, May 31, 2013

You will always be in our hearts- Fr. Leslie; says Fr. Joe , the staff and patients of kripa Bandra.

Fr. Leslie Malya’s Farewell
After a period of two years, Fr. Leslie Malya leaves our parish, Mt. Carmels Church Bandra, where Fr. Joe started Kripa Foundation in 1981. Fr. Lesie carries along withhim fond memories of his association with the kripa Family. Although these two years seem like a lifetime, Fr. Leslie will remain in our hearts forever.
In his farewell speech, Fr. Leslie emphasized on how Fr. Joe has been a ‘Father Figure’ and ‘Mentor’ to him. He lauded Kripa and emphasized the importance to ‘Serve’. He also spoke about how close he had grown with the Kripa family, and expressed his reassurance that Kripa was always there for him. On behalf of Fr. Joe and the entire Kripa Family, with a heavy heart, we wished Fr. Leslie all the best for his further studies for which he will be going to Bangalore.
The patients and staff of KRC-Bandra added life to the afternoon with a sing song session and the programme concluded with Mr. Solomon Darole presenting Father with a signed card and a copy of the "God's Grace" DVD.

Submitted by
Brett Rodricks
Mozen H