Friday, May 31, 2013

Fr. Joe class A Trustee ( non- alcholic) - Conducted an Alcoholic Anonymous Night Vigil in Chandigarh - A one man programme.

Even though it was the last week end prior to Fr. Joe going abroad, Fr. Joe in his thirst to reach out to the suffering alcholic  obliged the Chandighad and the entire north India AA fellowship by doing a AA NIGHT VIGIL almost single handedly with  the help of  some very enlightened old timers sharing ….some heart rending stories of how after a loved one stealthily read the inventory of her husband they all abandoned him!!! The Night Vigil was on the Fourth and Fifth step as well as the sixth and seventh step of AA.
The entire night was charged with a longing for understanding how one can grow in recovery by a good 4th and 5th step and work on one’s character defects. People travelled all the way from Dehradun, Patna, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Amritsar, Jalander etc. The theme for the next year’s night vigil was suggested “HEALING RELATIONSHIPS – A STUDY OF 8TH AND 9TH STEP.”

The AA fellowship in Chandigarh wished that the night would not reach the dawn of the next day and wanted Fr. Joe to continue. Fr. Joe rushed back to Mumbai as he was on his threshold of going abroad. He assured the fellowship that he would try to have such programmes more in the near future subject to his availability.

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