Monday, December 10, 2012

Fr. Joe conducts a WCCM programme on Contemplative Prayer at St.. Anne Church, Mazagoan, India.

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In a first for Mumbai, St. Anne Church, Mazgaon, to introduce Contemplative Prayer.
St Anne Church in Mazgaon, Mumbai will become the first church in the city to contemplative prayer, parish priest Fr. Vincent Vaz, SJ, said here on Saturday. His announcement came during one of the programmes being held in the church, to the build up for the grand opening of the renovated church on the 30th Of December 2012. At todays programme, Fr. Joseph H. Pereira, National Coordinator, World Community of Christian Meditators (WCCM) trained parishioners and clergymen on the teaching of Christian meditation.
Contemplative prayer and meditation, is a unique field that helps develop sound mind and healthy physiques while bringing one closer to God, said Fr. Joe, who is also the Founder Trustee, Kripa Foundation, renowned as India’s largest NGO that rehabilitates alcohol and drug addicts while helping curb HIV/ AIDS.
The Saturday event opened with Fatima D’Souza introducing Fr. Joe to the congregation. Fr. Joe highlighted the significance of contemplative prayer through a PowerPoint presentation, including the teachings of Fr. John Maine, OSB and Fr. Laurence Freeman, WCCM’s history, breathing techniques, benefits of Christian meditation, and gave attendees a demo on chanting the word ‘Ma-ra-na-tha’. In his homily, Fr. Joe focused on the readings from the Biblical chapters, Baruch, Philippians and Luke while explaining the exact translation and meaning of the phrase ‘Metanoia’- which is composed of Greek words ‘Meta (beyond) and ‘Noia’ (Mind).
The event concluded with Fr. Vincent thanking Fr. Joe for sharing his valuable experience and time and later announced the introduction of Contemplative Prayer of WCCM at St. Anne Church when it reopens. The programme ended with Fr. Joe conducting a meditation session after the mass, sending the congregation home more enlightened about Christian Meditation.

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