Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fr. Joe organises a video conference with Dr. Ashok Bedi- Carl S. Jung Centre, US. - for All India staff meet in Kripa.

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Carl Jung Institute and Kripa to enhance mutual cooperation for patients’ benefit

Addictions generally are triggered off since childhood and due to some parental trauma and dysfunctional relationships, said Dr Ashok Bedi, a Jungian psychoanalyst at the CG Jung Institute of Chicago, US, yesterday. Hence, counselors at Kripa Foundation are shouldering a great responsibility in cementing such strained relations while rehabilitating substance addicts into the mainstream of the society, he added.

 Dr. Bedi was addressing the Kripa Model of Recovery: Training Program for Standardization’ via teleconferencing yesterday morning with visiting centre heads, project managers, counselors and other senior staff at Kripa Foundation, led by Father Joseph H. Pereira, Founder Trustee. Through a PowerPoint presentation entitled ‘Sacred Vessel’, held online, Dr. Bedi highlighted how counselors at Kripa have to hone their skills to battle the menace of addiction and risks posed to substance abusers by deadly disease such as HIV/ AIDS. Dr. Bedi pointed out that a patient’s relationship with his counselor is an “X-Ray” of his behavior with his family. Dr. Bedi also spoke about the importance of leading a spiritual life, quoting examples from the Holy Bible.

 Kripa has a tie-up with the Carl S. Jung Institute in US, through  Mumbai Jung Centre,India for cooperation in advanced psychoanalysis aimed at improving recovery of substance addicts. Dr. Snehal Mehta, Medical  Director-Psychiatry, Kripa also participated in the videoconference.

Fr. Joe, skipper of Team briefed Dr. Bedi about the various major developments at the NGO, including its major expansion plans and collaborations with local and foreign organizations in the field of psychiatry, medicine, de-addiction and rehabilitation. Fr. Joe also highlighted the importance of meditation and Yoga in the Kripa Model of rehabilitation, stating that it covers the psycho-physical, psycho-somatic and psycho-spiritual aspects of a human.
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Ashwin Honawar