Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fr. Joe conducts a workshop on " Including the body in Contemplative Prayer " in Mumbai, India

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WCCM workshop on Contemplative prayer.

 Meditation helps a person return to spirituality and focus on our Creator, facilitating real healing of the mind, body and soul, Fr. Joseph H. Pereira, Founder, Kripa Foundation and National Coordinator for the World Community of Christian Meditators in India, said on December 8, 2012, while leading a workshop on “Including the body in Contemplative Prayer”, held at the hall of the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Bandra (West), Mumbai, India.

Addressing an audience of meditators, Fr. Joe said, meditation offers an excellent mode of communication with God, since the person performing it cleanses their minds of all other thoughts and focuses solely our Lord Jesus. Meditation also helps reduce stress and trauma by lowering the high heart beat, which can be an indicator of diseases, he added.

He led the attendees through a series of Yogic forms of  exercises, which included  postures performed while sitting on elevated ground, bolsters, reclining on a mat and resting on chairs in proper positions that offer complete comfort to the body and relieves the mind of all other thoughts. Fr. Joe said, in the modern world, people had no time to meditate and hence were gradually losing their touch with God, globally, where hectic lifestyles prevail. Substance addiction, he noted, rests upon the belief of a Higher Power who is the only source from whom abusers can regain strength and courage to be rehabilitated into the routine world.

Fr. Joe explained the teachings of Fr. John Maine, OSB, and Fr. Laurence Freeman on Contemplative Prayer through a power point presentation. The meditators were guided through a 20 minute mediation program of contemplative prayer by using the combination of breathe and mantra. At the end of the session a study was done and majority of the mediators noticed there was a major drop in the pulse beats, before and after meditation helping them concentrate more on the word: "Ma- ra- na- tha”

It was indeed a fruitful workshop with most meditators going home soaked in gratitude, for this wonderful awakening  on Contemplative Prayer. Many looking forward to the next program to be held on 22nd December 9, 2012, at the same venue from 9 am to 1pm.

For more details and registration for the next workshop contact

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